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In mid 2011, The KZNFFA launched a project to teach basic fly fishing skills to a group of keen Youth from the community of Thendela, a small village bordering the Kamberg Reserve in the KZN Midlands. The project has progressed with an intrepid group of anglers enjoying fly fishing as a new recreational pastime. They have grown in their understanding and skills, with some having been put through basic coaching by Australian Master Casting specialist , Peter Hayes, to now teach others in the community who wish to take up the gentle art.

Not only have many mastered the skills and are now very competent fly fishers, but they are busy with slowly rehabilitating their own 8km stretch of the Mooi River that meanders through the picturesque rural village. The area is now open as a community managed fly fishing area for day fishing.

Durban Fly Tyers also came on board with the project and hosted a weekend fly tying workshop earlier in the year. Following a wonderful donation of vices from Jay Smit (legendary producer of the J-Vice), inventive tools and another fantastic donation of materials and hooks, they have set up a community fly tying station.

“Supported by the Roam Free Conservation Initiative, the Project has taught the principles of ‘catch and release’ – that if fish are taken out the river system, there will be none left in the future to enjoy for recreational pastime.
The community have realized the importance of a pristine river for fly fishing and have begun a river clean up program to reduce the pollution into the river. Many challenges still face the project but with continued help, support and funding the project will go from strength to strength.”


VISIT  www.thendelaflyfishing.co.za


Contact Local Community leader:
RICHARD KHUMALO on 0732872947.”

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